It is about a school located at Belitung street no. 8, and its most specials and unique things related to it.

01 September, 2006

21 April, 2006

15 March, 2006

Dara Metia X - 8 SMA Negeri 3 Bandung

17 February, 2006

my student's work

Flat Stanley

my student's work

Flat Stanley

my student's work

Flat Stanley

14 February, 2006

Taboo Things In The Local Beliefs

- Eat and sleep at the same time
it represents our laziness!
- Whistle in the bath room
it is said that we are welcoming ghosts if we whistle in the bathroom
- Sitting in the front of the door
it is said that we would hard to get our soulmate)
- Use bad plate to eat
it is said that we would hard to get our livelihood later)
- Eat and stand up at the same time
in the local beliefs, it is rude if we stand up while we're eating.
- Sleep at maghrib time
it is said that we would have a nightmare while sleeping at maghrib time.
- Out from the house at maghrib time
for girls, it doesn’t good if we out of home. It has a thing to do with the manner.
- Take a bath at maghrib time
it is said that the ghosts will come.
- Cut your nail when you get menstruation
- Cut your hair when you get menstruation
- Wake up late
it is said that we would hard to get our livelihood later But don’t really believe it; it’s just a local beliefs. =). Just be careful of it.. but not too believe in it! Article by Indira Pawitrasari (25) - 3 IPA 3

The durian is a type of tropical fruit predominantly found in Southeast Asia. The fruit is green to brown, oblong to round, prickly with strong sharp thorns and emits a strong, distinctive smell that for most people is offensive-smelling. Here is a picture of durian : The durian is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, although it can grow in any similar climate. The center of ecologic diversity for durian is the island of Borneo. Thailand is a major exporter of durians. Other places where durian is grown include Mindanao in the Philippines, Queensland in Australia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka. Because the fruit's odour is offensive to some people, it is forbidden to bring durians as hand luggage on to aircraft belonging to some airlines. They are also forbidden on the Singapore public transit system. Many people regard the durian to be a very tasty fruit; it is often called the "king of fruits" by locals. Some Westerners have described the fruit as "like eating custard in a public lavatory". The mild-tasting, large seeds can be roasted and eaten. The durian tree grows up to 40 metres in height and durians can hang from any branches, and a typical durian can weigh 1-2 kg, so a durian plantation during durian season is hardhat territory. A durian falling on a person's head can cause serious injuries. The scientific name for the durian of commerce is Durio zibethinus. Other edible durian species are sometimes available in the local markets of Southeast Asia. The scientific name of other species are Durio kutejensis, Durio oxlevanus, Durio graveolens, and Durio dulcis. There are many clones of the durian, all having a name starting with D and a number. For example, some popular clones are D24, D99, D158 and D159 (this is the 'Mon Thong' variety). In the Philippines, the center of durian production is Davao Region in Mindanao. The Kadayawan festival is an annual celebration featuring the durian in Davao City.
Article by Anggita I. & T. Azlina Faracipta - 3 IPA 4

25 January, 2006

my hero

Dear lovely diary, Huuh...Today is very borred... Just imagine,Lovely..! From morning to this night, I studied and did all my task from school... They are Indonesian language homework,,'kolase'(my art task),,memorize art subject(for test next week),,and then memorize physics subject(for test next week too)...I studied up to 11.00 pm...!! But,some of them hasn't been done...I know those are my obligation,,but today,this my vacation..My time for my family and my friends...!!Lovely, I HATE all my task...!! Why?? Do you know,,because of all my task, so I didn't meet my old friend...They came to SMP Mardi Yuana Cilegon this morning and I didn't come...Hiks...My friend,Yolanda said that she met and chated to my former boyfriend...She said that he asked about me.. I miss him(because I still love him... .. I very much regret that I didn't come...!!!Lovely, I hope tomorrow will be better,,although tomorrow I will continue my task....Now, I will sleep, lovely...Good night lovely...

montage Competition

Dear Bu Dedeh, I want to join this competition but I'm afraid it doesn't work well. I have a lot of work to do. Let me know how I can manage the time. Because the students themselves are so busy with their after school activities, Such as getting extra lesson, angklung, browsing on internet. But I would like to join this competition, hopefully the students can cooperate.

Montage Competition

Dear Bu Dedeh, There are a lot of works we have to do and I'm afraid I can't do well. I hope you can help me to do the task. Please help me to do it. Thank you ever so much. Wiwin Herawati